Epic Survival - Matt Graham & Josh Young

Epic Survival

By Matt Graham & Josh Young

  • Release Date: 2015-07-14
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
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Book Synopsis

Matt Graham, star of the Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival and Dude, You’re Screwed, details the physical, mental, and emotional joys and harrowing struggles of his life as a modern-day hunter-gatherer.

Early on in his life, Matt craved a return to nature. When he became an adult, he set aside his comfortable urban life and lived entirely off the land to learn from the smallest and grandest of all things. In this riveting narrative that brings together epic adventure and spiritual quest, he shows us what extraordinary things the human body is capable of when pushed to its limits.

In Epic Survival, written with Josh Young, coauthor of five New York Times bestsellers, Matt relays captivating stories from his life to show just how terrifying—and gratifying—living off the grid can be. He learns the secrets of the Tarahumara Indians that helped him run the 1,600-mile Pacific Crest Trail in just fifty-eight days and endure temperature swings of 100 degrees. He takes us with him as he treks into the wilderness to live alone for half a year, armed with nothing but a loincloth, a pair of sandals, a stone knife, and chia seeds. He recounts near-death experiences of hiking alone through the snowdrifts at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and tells us about the time he entered a three-day Arabian horse race on foot—and finished third.

Above all, Epic Survival is a book about growing closer to the land that nurtures us. No matter how far our modern society takes us from the wilderness, the call remains. Whether you’re an armchair survivalist or have taken the plunge yourself, Matt’s story is both inspiration and invigoration, teaching even the most urbane among us important and breathtaking lessons.

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Latest Impressions

  • Epic Survival

    By Kabutsa
    I absolutely recommend this book . I have it on iBooks now , and will order the book soon ! It doesn't require batteries . I had a very similar upbringing until age 19. Did many of the things Matt did . I was expert with bow , slingshot , spear , rifle , knife , especially hatchet throwing , bolo , and very accurate with the sling . Actually we look like brothers ! Not anymore because I'm fighting bladder cancer holistically. I've been 250 lbs for 30 years , in fair shape .doing very good beating it Ive got down to 170 lbs. now , and still in good shape ! I'm on 80 % good fat diet . Starving the cancer , is working well for me . They gave me two 2 months to live 8 mo. Ago ! SO , I ,identified with Matt over all the other dual survivors , and realized why , were brothers . when I got his book last week . I also got his knife . As soon as I first saw it , and him using it , I realized how versatile , and well designed it is . I feel much the same about things that he does . I'm going to research Matt now that I have his book to see if he is still doing guided trips , which I just read about in the book. . I want to tell Matt Graham , the book , your life is , IMO, a blessing to us all . And much needed relief for me from hours of reading and researching holistic cancer treatments , amazing , nutritious cancer destroying organic foods , etc. I never did anything but eggs before . It's like Matt says , tune into your environment , be observant , THEN you will know your options , and what to do ! Just starting the book , so wonderful flashbacks for me > to come❗️Heart felt , thank You , Matt & cohorts !