The Ultimate Guide to Selling Art Online - Marques Vickers

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Art Online

By Marques Vickers

  • Release Date: 2014-08-22
  • Genre: Art & Architecture

Book Synopsis

“The Ultimate Guide To Selling Art Online” is author Marques Vickers’ concise reference book for artists and fine art resellers to maximize the expanding sales capabilities of the Internet. This advanced edition details important exposure strategies, existing and emerging sales opportunities and important promotional outlets. Vickers has been writing about the evolution of online Internet art sales since 1999 and his insightful guide illuminates how the online art selling process continues to expand and mature. Over 370 useful reference websites are provided on every element of art marketing, design, sales and promotion.

“The two most accessible and immediate tools an artist should cultivate,” notes author Vickers, “is a significant Social Media presence and a functioning website. Social Media has radically changed the formula for online communications. Every artist and seller should be actively engaged in securing a following from this potentially enormous global audience.”

The book details how to design and maximize an artist-oriented website complete with visual images, streaming video clips and most importantly, personalization. Practical advice and supplementary consulting sources are offered on every aspect of website design, effective promoting through media exposure, direct mail and the cultivation of a potential and existing client base to establish long-term sustainability. An extensive chapter is devoted towards the emergence of Social Media outlets and how to use sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr to a combined advantage.

“The Ultimate Guide To Selling Art Online” offers concrete sales advice and analysis on the most direct online sources available today for artists including virtual galleries; eBay, Amazon and Etsy marketplace stores; Auction Houses and Barter Exchanges. The book details potential art sales outlets including architects, interior design firms, corporate facility managers, building developers, advertising agencies, public agency commissions, hospitals and the hospitality industry. The book features a chapter on alternative income sources including giclée publication, licensing art images and greeting card exposure.

Author Marques Vickers is a Northern California professional artist whose figurative paintings and sculptures are extensively exhibited regionally and internationally. He is the author of several books on a variety of subjects including fine arts, photography, poetry and the auction industry.

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