Paleo Sweets and Treats - Heather Connell

Paleo Sweets and Treats

By Heather Connell

  • Release Date: 2013-09-01
  • Genre: Special Diet

Book Synopsis

The Paleo diet has swept the nation as a huge nutritional and lifestyle trend that many have embraced.But what is the modern dessert lover to do when traditional baking ingredients such as flours, grains, dairy, and sugar are off the table? Never fear. You can have your cake and your Paleo lifestyle too! Written by Heather Connell, author of the popular blog, Multiply Delicious, Paleo Sweets and Treats shows you how to bake delicious treats using fresh, seasonal produce, natural sweeteners, and nutritionally dense, grain-free flours. You won’t miss out on anything with treats such as: Dark Chocolate Pot de Crème with Roasted Cherries, Sweet Potato Tarts, Orange Pomegranate Cupcakes, and Mango Coconut Sherbert.This paleo diet dessert cookbook gives you easy-to-make indulgent treats to let you stay the Paleo course. This collection of seasonally-focused recipes gives you Paleo-friendly options for any dessert craving.

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