The Nuremberg Trial - Ann Tusa & John Tusa

The Nuremberg Trial

By Ann Tusa & John Tusa

  • Release Date: 2010-07-01
  • Genre: Military
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 8 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

Here is a gripping account of the major postwar trial of the Nazi hierarchy in World War II. The Nuremberg Trial brilliantly recreates the trial proceedings and offers a reasoned, often profound examination of the processes that created international law. From the whimpering of Kaltenbrunner and Ribbentrop on the stand to the icy coolness of Goering, each participant is vividly drawn. Includes twenty-four photographs of the key players as well as extensive references, sources, biographies, and an index.

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Latest Impressions

  • Very good, but needs proofreading

    By Dboyes99
    The main text is an excellent synopsis of the players and logic behind the Nuremberg trials. It is clearly told, and interesting to read, but is marred by an increasing number of typographical errors as the book progresses. Example: ΓΌ is frequently rendered as ii - looks like a scanning error. There are also gaps in dates and (later) simple gibberish at times. The reference materials at the end of the book are helpful in that they provide a path to understand the trial and its impact on international law.
  • In Desperate Need of Proofreading

    By PsychoDoc
    A very well-documented and informative history of this important historic trial. The authors do a good job of making their account of this complex event understandable and very readable. My major complaint is that the publisher did a poor job of preparing this digital version. Obviously scanned from a hardcopy version of the book using OCR software, typos are extremely numerous and annoying, often requiring the reader to stop reading in order to try to decipher what a word in a passage was actually supposed to be. This digital book should have been subjected to more vigorous proofreading and correction before being released and sold to the public.