The Aeneid - Virgil

The Aeneid

By Virgil

  • Release Date: 2008-03-10
  • Genre: Poetry
3 Score: 3 (From 28 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

The Aeneid is a masterpiece of epic poetry and the Latin language poem is more than early imperial propaganda. It proclaims the divine mission of Aeneas to found Rome and the divine injunction of the Romans to unite the world under a noble emperor such as Augustus.

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Latest Impressions

  • Worth a read.

    By Danger Von Dempsey
    Pretty good read. Long, but as long as you speak the words instead of just read them, it helps making understanding them easier.
  • A poor translation

    By Wraithwaxer
    The Aeneid itself is a very beautiful work of epic poetry that will certainly be entertaining for almost anyone who happens to read it. This particular translation, however, is far from appropriate. The meanings of lines become confused as the translator made every line rhyme, no matter how ridiculous the phrasing or obscure the vocabulary. The meaning of the entire book becomes easily lost, and even enthralling passages have the life sucked out of them. Reading this particular edition is a chore, and I'd strongly recommend finding a different translation of this fantastic book.
  • Outstanding !!!!!!!!!

    By Rajpaul6465
    Most beautiful story I've ever read
  • Nice

    By Jet_Noir
    No frills but as is often the case, far nicer to read portrait style, than landscape.