Legend of the Sorcerer - Donna Kauffman

Legend of the Sorcerer

By Donna Kauffman

  • Release Date: 2000-02-29
  • Genre: Contemporary

Book Synopsis

For thousands of years, tales of the fabled Dark Pearl were told and retold. Then the stories faded with the passage of time, leaving behind the stuff of myths and magic--until fate brought together the only two people in the world who can breathe life back into the...Legend of the Sorcerer.

Sculptor Jordy Decker came to the Florida Keys seeking inspiration for her art--but instead becomes enmeshed in a mystery that turns her world upside down...and leads her directly to Malacai L'Baan, the intense, enigmatic author of the bestselling Dark Pearl fantasy series. The mystery seems connected to alarming letters from an obsessive fan who is certain the Dark Pearl is real--and will do anything to possess it.

Jordy is drawn to Cai in a way she cannot understand...and cannot seem to resist. And as the danger grows stronger, Jordy finds magic in Cai's embrace--and   a special passion that may just destroy them both....

From the Paperback edition.

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