Downsiders - Neal Shusterman


By Neal Shusterman

  • Release Date: 2012-02-21
  • Genre: Culture, Places & People
4 Score: 4 (From 29 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

Beneath the sewer grates and manholes of the city lies a strange and secret world called the Downside.

Every Downsider knows that it's forbidden to go Topside, and most fear a collision of the two worlds. But fourteen-year-old Talon is curious about what goes on above ground, and one day he ventures out in search of medicine for his ailing sister. There he meets Lindsay, who is as curious about Talon's world as he is about hers. When Lindsay visits the Downside for the first time, she marvels at the spirit of the Downsiders, and the way they create works of art from topside "trash," like old subway tokens and forgotten earrings. As awed as she is by the Downside, however, she also questions its origins, and when she finds out that this fantastic world is not all it appears to be, she is determined to tell Talon the truth. Then a construction accident threatens to crush Talon's world, and his loyalty is put to the test. Can the truth save the Downside, or will it destroy an entire civilization? Neal Shusterman takes readers on an amazing journey into a place that's only a few steps away, yet beyond their wildest dreams.

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Latest Impressions


    By Reviwer1213
    This is a horrendous book. I was forced to read it for my language arts class and was bored half to death. The whole book is really boring until about page 180 of 200 pages! This is not a good book and dosent grab my attention. If you like boring books to waste your life on, this is perfect. If not, DO NOT READ!
  • This book is awesome!

    By gaia(:
    I read this book in school and it has to be my all time favorite book. The beginning is a little slow, but don't get discouraged, it picks up really fast, and when it does you won't be able to put it down! I highly recommend this. I got all of my friends hooked on it too.
  • Phenomenal

    By Jojojo23145
    This book is very intriguing and have you sitting on the edge of your seats. Even if you don't like Science Fiction, you will love this book. It is such a page turner, and every time you finish a chapter, you'll want to read another. I really think that all audiences will enjoy this book.
  • First

    By niya4199