The Power of One - Bryce Courtenay

The Power of One

By Bryce Courtenay

  • Release Date: 2005-09-13
  • Genre: Historical
4 Score: 4 (From 202 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

In 1939, hatred took root in South Africa, where the seeds of apartheid were newly sown. There a boy called Peekay was born. He spoke the wrong language–English. He was nursed by a woman of the wrong color–black. His childhood was marked by humiliation and abandonment. Yet he vowed to survive–he would become welterweight champion of the world, he would dream heroic dreams.
But his dreams were nothing compared to what awaited him. For he embarked on an epic journey, where he would learn the power of words, the power to transform lives, and the mystical power that would sustain him even when it appeared that villainy would rule the world: The Power of One.

From the Hardcover edition.

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Latest Impressions

  • Not the Entire Novel!

    This story was pretty good- it was missing bits from the actual book 😒I had to purchase the Power of One for an English assignment- I expected ALL of the novel, not just half of it- this was not stated! Now I cannot seem to find the other half and I'm not sure what to do about the rest!
  • What the heck Apple?!

    By Supercalifragilisticexpiali...
    I lost my school book and I needed to finish chapters 18-24 by tomorrow, so I came to the store and bought this book for SEVEN FREAKING DOLLARS. I got to the book and quickly realized that this was the entire half of the book that I did not need. Do not buy this it is a scam. If any apple personnel see this, it would be great to get a refund.
  • Warning: Don't Buy! Only Half a Book!!

    By Mo Fraz
    Very misleading and unethical to trick buyers into purchasing a "condensed version," that ends up being a watered down version of the first half of the original. Was my first iBooks purchase and will be my last--not cool! Very bad business practice!
  • only half the book!!!

    By Jeff Gunhus
    only half the book
  • Not The Full Book

    By Bobandbob181
    Do Not Buy They only give you half of the book.
  • Half the book

    By The way it's supposed to be
    This book is a cheat, there is so much more to the book than what this ibook delivers. Do not buy, you are better off with the full, paper version
  • What a Rip Off!

    By Pookie’s mom
    I left my hard copy of The Power of One at a hotel yesterday, and was so excited to read this downloaded version but IMMEDIATELY realized half the chapter I was on (getting Big Hettie out of the sleeping cabin) was missing. I feel completetly robbed of my $6.99. Shame on iBooks!!
  • Do not buy this copy! Less than half the book!

    By Elizabethteachesyoga
    Although the first part of this book is beautiful, I assumed I was purchasing the ENTIRE story! The full book doesn't seem to be available. Shame on you iBook!! Cheating us out of Morrie, Solly, Rasputin & the Crystal cave of Africa. Boo!!!!
  • The power of one

    By The power of one
    This is a highly abridged version of the original book. Where the original book was a continual delight, this version skipped all of the delight and left only...a shell. Over half of the text is missing. Don't bother. There should be laws against selling an abridged version without stating it's abridged. I had hoped to have an electronic copy of this excellent story. I feel robbed.
  • Power of one

    By Ghytoip
    Do not read this book if you want to read the whole book. This is half, and a total disappointment.