Think a Second Time - Dennis Prager

Think a Second Time

By Dennis Prager

  • Release Date: 2010-09-14
  • Genre: Social Science
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Book Synopsis

What are the two great lies of the 20th century?
Is there a solution to evil?

What matters more, blood or love?

Can a good man go to a striptease show?

Do you think you have the answers? ...Think a second time.

Dennis Prager, theologian and philosopher turned talk-show host, is one of the most brilliant and compelling voices in America today. His extraordinarily popular radio show with the signature sign-off, "Think a second time," coupled with his own biweekly newsletter, has firmly established him as a fixture in intellectual communities nationwide. In Think a Second Time, Prager blends a rigorous and scholarly education with utterly original thinking on current events. From the dangers of idealism to the roots of extremism to his thoughts on God and an afterlife, Prager offers challenging answers to up-to-the-minute questions: Should a single woman have a child? Why don't good homes always produce good children? Is America really racist? Why does the Holocaust not negate the existence of God? Now, with an entirely new section on the precedent-setting "Baby Richard" custody case and an exploration of the issue of blood versus love, Prager continues to demonstrate his ability to draw clear moral lines in the sands of our very troubled times.

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  • Great!!!!

    By david923
    Great book really makes you think twice about many issues. Recomend ro everybody