Down On Me - J. Kenner

Down On Me

By J. Kenner

  • Release Date: 2018-01-16
  • Genre: Contemporary
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 60 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

I’ve never had a problem getting women on my arm or in my bed.

Except for Jenna Montgomery.

She’s the woman I want. The woman I’ve craved my whole life. But she’s been my best friend since childhood, and that’s a line I can’t cross.

Until one wicked night changes everything.

Now all bets are off. And I’m determined to use every seductive skill in my repertoire to prove to Jenna that best friends can be lovers, too.

Who’s Your Man of the Month?

When a group of fiercely determined friends realize their beloved hang-out is in danger of closing, they take matters into their own hands to bring back customers lost to a competing bar. Fighting fire with a heat of their own, they double down with the broad shoulders, six-pack abs, and bare chests of dozens of hot, local guys who they cajole, prod, and coerce into auditioning for a Man of the Month calendar.

But it’s not just the fate of the bar that’s at stake. Because as things heat up, each of the men meets his match in this sexy, flirty, and compelling binge-read romance series of twelve novels releasing every other week from New York Times bestselling author J. Kenner.

“With each novel featuring a favorite romance trope—beauty and the beast, billionaire bad boys, friends to lovers, second chance romance, secret baby, and more—this series hits the heart and soul of romance.” — New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips

Each book is a STANDALONE romance with an HEA and an overarching story about the friends and the bar. Totally hot and utterly binge-worthy!

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Latest Impressions

  • "Why aren't you"

    By Kambie07
    I loved how they were trying to save the bar. The man of the month was genius. The "surprise" was welcomed. I loved Reece and Jenna's relationship. I like that they were best friends. Though it did leave me a bit frustrated. I really enjoyed the friends part. It seems they were perfect for each other. I could have done without the beginning. Reece with a conquest was not up my alley (there's no cheating). I think I could have lived without it. And the story was moving at a great pace until the last chapter then it went warp speed. I really enjoyed this book. I'd recommend.
  • Down on Me

    By Sweet- Paradise
    This is one amazing way to start a series. I love that the fact they Reece and Jenna have known each other for ages. I also adore that they are the last to know what others saw this coming and they didn’t. Most of all I love the combradiery between Brent, Reece, Jenna and Tyree. I just love the surprises that pops out and how the characters deal it them. Can’t wait for the next installment.
  • A truly fun and engaging read with memorable characters, I can't wait to see who comes next in this

    By momof3infl
    Reece and Jenna have been friends since they were little, but a steamy night allows them to act on feelings they've both had, but have been to afraid to say. This friends-to-lovers romance is light, fun, and I completely devoured it in one sitting. I love the premise of the series, 3 friends band together to save their fledgling bar, each with different strengths. Jenna, with her marketing background comes up with an idea to make a Man of the Month calendar, with contests and votes leading up to the actual calendar. Count me in to meet these guys! Along the way, Jenna and Reece have to come to terms with how they want to proceed with each other, will their hearts finally have a go, or will they be ruining their friendship instead? Down on Me is lighter than J. Kenner's previous hit Stark series, but with her impeccable writing, down-to-earth characters, and off-the-chart steam, her Man of the Month series is definitely one I cannot wait for the rest!
  • Start the year off right!

    By girlygirlmegs
    Man of the Month: January is Reece and Jenna’s story. We are back in Austin at Fix on Sixth from where we meet Kiki and Noah. This is a first friends, aren’t sure they want to be more than friends, and then the give it a go couple. Reece/Jenna are a great story and sets up well for the additional stories that are to follow.
  • Review: Man of the Month 1: Down On Me

    By @LisaHines711
    Down on Me by J. Kenner is the first in an epic series of twelve novels all based on a beloved bar and the efforts of it's employees, owners, and patrons to save it from closure. Welcome to the Man of the Month series. An excellent introduction to the series, the scene is set for the "Man of the Month" calendar fundraiser that will be happening throughout each of the twelve books. It also was a wonderful romance of best friends-to-lovers when Reece and Jenna finally took the risk of stepping outside their comfort zones and into each others arms. The secondary characters introduced here had depth and definitely left me eager to see how each of their stories plays out in future novels. Well-written, well-paced and an enjoyable read!
  • Love this book

    By Tammyemd
    I could not put this down. I was so excited about this book. Reece, Jenna, and Brent have been friends forever. But one night Reece looked at Jenna in a different way. Now does he risk the friendship for a maybe chance at love. This is a great start to this series. I can’t wait for the next book.
  • Down on Me by J. Kenner is a fun novel...

    By ArysBaenion
    Down on Me by J. Kenner is the first book in the A Man of the Month series. Reece Walker and Jenna Montgomery, along with their friend Brent, have been friends since they were kids, they have each other's backs no matter what, and everything is very platonic between them. That is until one night changes everything between Reece and Jenna. Though nothing completely untoward happened, each's feelings changed towards the other, but sadly neither knows about the other's change of heart. Reece and Jenna's internal battles to not let themselves feel what they are feeling, or let anyone know about it are set in a back drop of the bar where Reece works, owned by a close personal friend, is under the cloud of foreclosure within a year. When Reece and Brent buy into the bar to help cut into the amount owed, they know they need to bring Jenna and her marketing expertise in to help. It is only a matter of time until one of them can't take it anymore and let's their feelings out of the bag. As a friends-to-lovers novel, I felt that Ms. Kenner did a good job showcasing both the historical and current friendship between the characters and what it means to them as well as the internal struggle about changing that balance. Both Jenna and Reece also have other issues which stem from how they grew up, and since they have been friends so long they know each other's issues and it also effects how they deal with their romantic relationship with each other. This is both realistic and complicated. Both Reece and Jenna are characters who you get to know and want to throttle for taking so long to get out of their own way's in order to be together. Overall, Down on Me by J. Kenner was a fun novel with complex characters and a good beginning to a series with a great cast of characters to draw on for the future books. (I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book I received for free in exchange for my open and honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.)
  • January is now my favorite month

    By sujeze
    All I can say is wow! January was never my favorite month until now! Reece, Jenna and Brent have been friends since the were kids. They swore a pack to each other to remain that way no matter what. However, fate has different plans for Reece and Jenna. A simple goodbye 8 months earlier makes them realize how much they need each other. Can their friendship survive the love they have for each other? You cannot help but fall in love with each of these characters J. Kenner has created. (As a side bonus, you get little pieces from the Stark world! Yeah!) Wonderful story, I couldn’t put it down. Cannot wait for February!
  • Great start to the series

    By Christine Miller28
    This was such a fun read because I was excited to meet all of the characters that are going to live in this world and be in the books the next 12 months! Brent, Reece and Jenna have been best friends forever. Something changed between Reece and Jenna about 8 months ago, but neither wants to explore it since they can't risk losing the other. When Reece finally takes his shot, all doesn't go as planned. Is Reece able to change his beliefs and let Jenna all the way in? The book had some characters that have been in the Stark world books and I loved how they are being weaved into this series. I can't wait to see what each month brings with each of the stories! This series is off to a great start!
  • Sexy. Sassy. Fun. Down On Me is perfect!!

    By hrwhite.tx
    Sexy. Sassy. Fun. Down On Me is the perfect start to The Man of the Month series and I’m already jonesing for more!! ~ Heather, White Hot Reads "Do you see that? The morning light breaking across the trees? The vibrant colors? The promise of a new day?" I'm an emotional reader. Someone who tries to find an connection in every book I read and in this one it was so easy. J. Kenner is a brilliant writer who brings every world she creates to life with flair and pizzaz. The words jump off the page and create a world that is so clear and concise that the book plays like a movie reel in my head while I'm reading. The characters are well developed. It was so easy for me to identify with them and also want to be friends with them. The locale - The Fix on Sixth - is the place that every twenty-or-thirty something dreams of having. A place where they can go and feel like family. A place to eat, drink and be merry with friends who become family. As I flip through the pages, reading fast and furiously, I want so much for this series - a drink and cookbook (which we are getting), the calendar (also getting) and a meet up with Julie and friends at the bar that inspired The Fix. Because how amazing would that be to celebrate the end! Alas, I'm ready for book two. I need more!!