The Official LSAT PrepTest 78 - Law School Admission Council

The Official LSAT PrepTest 78

By Law School Admission Council

  • Release Date: 2016-09-14
  • Genre: Study Aids

Book Synopsis

PrepTest 78 is the actual LSAT that was administered in June 2016 and includes an answer key and writing sample prompt. Practicing with previously administered LSATs is one of the best ways to prepare for the test. The official LSAT PrepTests are published by the Law School Admission (LSAC), the organization that produces and administers the LSAT. For practice on actual, previously administered LSATs at an unbelievable price, you can’t beat the official LSAT PrepTests.

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Latest Impressions

  • Do NOT buy! Unusable, complete scam

    By Guitar_Master
    As the title says, this iBooks prep test is unusable and any other prep test on iBooks is unusable as well due to the format (and every non-print version, for that matter). I didn’t read the reviews around the internet before this and it makes me wish I would, but I am doing this to save you the trouble. The format is just not suitable for LSAT study. When I downloaded, I expected it to be like the normal LSAT (e.g. 1 game for 2 pages, 1 reading passage for 2 pages, approx 5-8 questions on LR questions). It was completely different and is unfit for studying. What do I mean? For example, 1 reading passage is spread out over 4 pages…that does not include questions (with questions, I’d guess each passage is about 10 pages front in back). So when you are taking a question, you have to flip through your pile (mine was double sided, so I had to figure which side to even get to). Often a single question is spread out over two pages. And this is on every section. Logic games is pretty awful, but reading comprehension takes the cake for the worst (since, you know, a decent part of your strategy should be to refer back to the passage…or the pile in this case…) This is a money grab, pure and simple. They literally copied the text and pasted it without any regard for remaining true to the format. Lack of effort, vulgar, and scummy. Do not buy under any circumstances, unless you want to throw in one ‘crises test’ into your regimen to see how you perform under pressure. Still, from this it is most strongly supported that you stay as far away as possible, never looking back.