Asset Management - Annette Mori

Asset Management

By Annette Mori

  • Release Date: 2015-07-31
  • Genre: Gay

Book Synopsis

Toni, Sophie, and Kim, are the modern-day version of Robin Hood blended with the Three Musketeers. For the past eighteen months, they have been moving the assets of the rapacious bank executives to the more deserving coffers—at least in their minds—of the poor and middle class.
When a mysterious woman keeps crossing paths with Toni, sparks fly. Is it a coincidence or all part of some greater master plan? Is she friend or foe?
Add the Russian mob, the FBI, and an all-female covert organization and you have the perfect recipe for danger, intrigue, and even love.
Does the trio join forces with the organization?
Follow the twists and turns to the explosive conclusion. Not everything is black and white. There are many shades of gray and sometimes it’s difficult to decipher who is good and who is evil. No one is all virtue or all malevolence, but sometimes love helps us rise above.

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Latest Impressions

  • Great buy!!

    By sticksn03s
    Good read for the beach, waiting at the airport, etc. Just enough characters to sweeten the pot, usually it seems to be more bad guys than good ones. Glad to see the odds are in our favor. Love all the character backgrounds, storyline, diversity of career paths, references to the old but great movies of three musketeers, do gooders, or what I would call the band of Robin Hood & merry ladies. Like the theme that they "take from the rich, sick arseholes who call it business and give back to those that are less fortunate, unexpected, deserving individuals who have a good outlook on life. Awesome job and look forward to reading more from this writer and her band of merry ladies. Oh and I like that at the end of the day instead of a bottle of whatever, you choose to have a variety of ice cream flavors on hand. So many flavors .... yum!!
  • An absolute must read!

    By Suzan M Hall
    I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters and the story line, had me completely pulled in from beginning to end.